Friday, December 28, 2012

Another Lovely View


If you have to be on bedrest, and going into the doctor every other week, the biggest perk that I can see, is that we get Plenty of great views of El Bebe on ultrasound.

On the 18th, I went in to my regular OB, for my 20 week checkup.  They were thrilled to hear all the things the folks in MFM said about me Healing but not Healed.  They agreed that Bedrest is working for me.  And they are happy they'll be seeing me on the 4th, so my doc said she'll see me 2 weeks after that.   So I'm being seen by SOMEONE every two weeks, though normal pregnant women only see people every month. She says our most important goal right now is to "make it to 28 weeks".  Babies born before that, just have a lot of issues, or don't make it.  Right now, we're in that - incompatible with life - phase.  But I'm very Scarlett O'Hara about that part of it, "I'm not thinking about that today, I'll think about that tomorrow."  And pray that tomorrow never comes.

Meanwhile:  Enjoy the Cuteness.

Sweet baby profile pics.  :)

What do you think?  Does he look like Chris or Sam?  

I got to be additionally amazed when our wonderful ultrasound tech magically pushed a button, and Bam! 

3D baby photos! 

Can you see his face?  He's right up against the uterine wall.  

And this one has his arm right up by his face.  Very cool.  

Seeing a healthy baby, well that makes it all worthwhile.  Not sure what's going on in this last photo, but I know it isn't a third arm.  He's looking great, perfectly normal, just really wiggly.  A sign of his good health. I tell you, I can do this for a fat long while, which it looks like I will be doing, as long as I get a healthy baby out of the deal.