Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Party Never Ends


Given the insanity in our households from the last few months, we decided to do a belated birthday celebration for Christopher and Kaylee  together, the Sunday after his birthday.  We had missed her birthday being ill, and she'd missed his being too many crazy kids.  

So, we just partied with the 4 crazies.  Honestly, it was as much fun as his other party.  I think my favorite sounds in the world are hearing my boys laugh with their cousins.  And these girls are so silly, they make us all laugh.  I laughed until it hurt, and I can't even remember what all was so funny.  

Ryan and Amy were very kind, and brought Monical's for lunch.  This Mama and Baby were very happy with the delivery of cheesy bread and salad!  I even had seconds, and there's only like 2 meals in the last 2 months I've been able to have seconds of.  The kids ate, and immediately wanted to go outside and play in the snow.  There has been snow on the ground since Christopher's birthday.  Just when it starts to go away, more comes.  Kind of nice.  Well, Kaylee and Christopher were just besides themselves with wanting to go outside and play in it again.  

First Chris went out with Alexis and Kaylee.  Then Lexi came in to thaw out a bit, and Sam went out.  

Even Princess got in on the action, Chris and Kaylee literally chased her around the yard!  
I wish I could borrow just a smidge of their energy. 

After the yahoos came in, we had cocoa waiting.  
Nothing as perfect as warm cocoa after playing outside in the snow.

Then we opened presents. 

Kaylee and Alexis had picked out a super silly scratch and sniff grossness card, that I don't think Christopher has even scratched, he just keeps reading it and laughing hysterically. 

Then the girls gave us a show, dancing Gangnam Style.  
I think they make us watch more youtube songs than I've ever watched in my life.  
But that's ok, they keep me abreast of what's cool.  They are at that age where they keep track of such things, and really I'm glad.  Because otherwise, I'd have no idea.  We listen to Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the car, and watch Transformers Rescue Bots around here.   

I made Amy pose for pictures with me.  She was 29 weeks, and I was 21.    
One of these days, my belly will surpass my boobs....I hope. 

Proud Mamas of the newest Baby Boy Willmans.  

And he got just as silly with Uncle Ryan.  

Sam wanted a little dessert, he finally decided to dig into the cookie that he made at Oma's last week.  
Thus the green fingers and lips.  

The rest of us decided to decorate Ninjabread Men.  
Now it wasn't the extreme cookie extravaganza my stepmom put on, in fact, most of us immediately ate the couple of cookies we did decorate, and I still had quite the stash of ninjabread cookies leftover.  

But it was a fun party, fun to just hang out together, laugh and be silly.  
And Fun to let the birthdays go longer than just one day.