Saturday, December 29, 2012

The "Blizzard" of 2012


They started alerting us this past weekend.  A "Blizzard" was coming.  Due in Christmas Day night, or the day after.  Well, it started snowing in the morning on Boxing Day.  (Or Unboxing day, as we like to call it, as we seem to spend most of the day, opening up boxes of presents and trying to reorganize)  This was the snow at it's worst.  The Blizzard.  Not really a blizzard, a good winter storm though.   The wind was whipping pretty good.  I don't think I would have wanted to drive in it.  I'm Thankful I'm a Stay at Home Mom, that my husband's job theoretically can be done from home, no one is going to die if we don't make it to work...unlike my family members in the medical profession, who are really the only ones who should be out on the road.  

And I was very Grateful to be off, to not have anywhere that we needed to go, we stayed in.  We had groceries, perhaps not as much skim milk as I'd like, but I just take some whole and make cocoa. ;)  

But it was Pretty.  

Especially pretty to watch as it seemed no one else in our neighborhood was going anywhere either.  

Pretty woodpile.  
It looks like a lot prettier covered in snow, instead of an eyesore I've come to hate.  

1 Squirrel - Ah Ha Ha! 

When all the snowing was said and done, we probably had about 6 inches, not too bad at all.  

And we sure are Blessed that all we had to do was open the door and look, and remain safe, sound, warm, and cozy in our happy home.