Saturday, October 27, 2012

We have Arrived, Day 4


We started the day in Florida, which looks a lot cooler by day than in the dark of night.  
First we drove through orange grove after orange grove (or it could have been any other of many types of citrus groves)  hard to tell, when the fruits are all varying shades of green, yellow, or orange.    Not as obvious as cotton.  Anyway, we drove down to the thriving metropolis of Haines City, FL to visit with Eric's Grandpa.  We went to lunch together, got the first salad I'd had in days at Crispers, and it was all good.   The boys had a great time making Grandpa laugh, and vice versa. 

As we were driving through Grandpa's neighborhood, we saw these giant sandhill cranes pretending to be lawn ornaments.  Fail.  They are bigger than my children!  That's a spooky lawn ornament.  

This one was looking at me, so we stopped, and I opened the car door, seeing if he would fly away, I even dared Chris to go out and stand by it.  But he wouldn't.  Neither would I.  Suddenly, the bird opened it's mouth and wiggled it's tongue at me.  OK, that's it, I'm outta here!  

We hit the road, and drove over to the turnpike.  The road we were on, was the middle of nowhere swampland Florida.  I was very glad we'd filled up the tank that morning and were not in any need of gas, because it was kind of scary.   You could just tell there were some very happy gators out there.  We even passed a sign that said Panther Crossing!  This area was called River Ranch.  I don't know about a river, it seemed endless swamp as far as I could see, I would not want to be a cow living in that.  Give me some Oklahoma or Texas ranch.  Gators eat cows here!  

We were happy to arrive at our little garden oasis:  Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Chris was so excited to get out and "help unpack".  Aren't they adorable.  I arrived, and needed to lay down, because I felt terrible.  My ankles had swollen to the point I couldn't see my anklebones, and I hadn't stopped sneezing and blowing my nose since we hit the Florida border.  

Christopher loved our room.  

But he was especially thrilled with their room.  Somehow they knew to give the boys bunk beds, and they were happy as sweet little clams.  

Our first night, after I napped, we met for a big Family dinner.  I wish I could say it was wonderful, but very little I ate that night sat well with me.  I had to run to the bathroom once, and then barely made it home with the boys after.  The only thing that sat well were the fat steak fries with ketchup, unfortunately, even they couldn't save the Quease set off by other things I tried.  

Luckily, the boys were happiest.   Their cousin Alexis was there when we arrived, and she was so happy to dote on them.  She and Sam get on so swimmingly, he couldn't stay away from her.  I'm surprised she got to eat with him climbing all over her.  But she was laughing, I kept checking.  

Since what Mommy needed most was to lay down, Daddy offered to take the boys for an Evening swim.  Chris couldn't wait to go for an evening swim, he got dressed faster than he had all trip!  

For some reason (he was watching cartoons on the ipad) Sam didn't want to go, probably didn't hear daddy, because when they got back, Sam flipped out.  But it was nice for Sam and I to stay in, and get ready for bed.  It was going to be a long week of partying, we needed some rest.