Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On the Road to Florida, in KY and TN, Day 2


We started our Saturday in Elizabethtown (E-town), KY with a lovely morning swim.  
The pool was cozy, and the boys were thrilled to go for a swim!  They even had a hot tub.  Though Mommy couldn't get in it, the boys had a great time getting all bubbly with Daddy.  

We loaded up the car and drove for a couple hours.  Stopped in Tennessee, just over the border for a restroom break, I mistakenly announced, "Tennessee!  Time to Pee!'  That became our chant, the entire time we were in the state, which was all day.  

Oh well, it was something to laugh about, and they were hysterical running around the rest stop playing Peekaboo and yelling, "Tennessee Time to Pee! "  Who knows, maybe it'll catch on. 

Our next stop was Chattanooga.  After counting 45 signs to See Rock City and Ruby Falls.  We HAD to stop.  So we did.  We stopped for the Incline Train, a passenger car that goes up and down the mountain.  The whole thing was built at an angle, a little akward to get into, but still very cool.  

This was our view from the top, you can actually see the next train car on it's way up.

All 4 of us, from the top of Lookout Mountain.  

From there, we went back down the mountain on the train, had to wait an hour (rough on the kids) before getting on the train back down, then drive back up the mountain to See Rock City.  If they are going to see all 3 tickets in a package together, then I think if they were smart, there'd be some sort of shuttle connecting all three Attractions.  

Honestly, this shot was my favorite one of the boys of our time in Chattanooga.

But they were having a wonderful time exploring Rock City.  I kept coughing, and was very slow going, so most of the time, my views were of their backs.  They enjoyed it so much, they wanted to run on every winding rock path.  It really is a lovely garden, with stone paths, views, and formations, that are just breathtaking.  

Can't you just picture some sort of goblin hiding under that bridge.  The whole place has a gnome/fairy tale theme, and it's really nifty.  

This place was called Lover's Leap.   Can you see Eric and the boys?  Chris is waving at me?  There's a waterfall there off to the right, and the view of the Tennessee River valley on the left.  

The Falls.  

From the other side of the falls, under the lover's leap bridge there where the boys were standing, I actually love this because you can see the fall foliage along the mountainside, and the waterfall goes down the mountain creek and into the Tennessee River.  Whole place is just Gorgeous! And I bet it would be all year long.  

Christopher points out the chart of the Seven States.  On a clear day (which we had a fairly clear one) you can see 7 states:  KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, and AB.  Very cool. 

Chris tries to talk Sam into turning and posing for me, but it was a massive fail.  Sam was tired of walking around Rock City.  But nice view anyway.  

Sam was more content sitting and posing on benches.  I don't know what it is, but I love all the cheesy schmultz! 

The first time I went here, I didn't understand the birdfeeder/birdhouse thing.  Everywhere you see these See Rock City birdhouses or birdfeeders.  The first time I thought it was weird, almost tacky.  But then there's a house in the neighborhood next door to ours, that has a See Rock City birdfeeder, and I drive by it, and I smile. I remember going there the first time, running through with my niece Alexis, on our trip to Florida with Mom W. and a rather pregnant Amy back in 2004.  I had such a wonderful time on that trip.  And I think  I fell in love with the reminder.  So yes, this trip, we bought a birdfeeder.  I would have been fine with a little one, but you know, the yard is big, so Eric chose a pretty big one.  Keep your eyes peeled for our See Rock City birdfeeder in future photos.  In the mean time, enjoy these crazy birds in a See Rock City birdhouse. :) 

The boys were about done Seeing Rock City, they found this neat swing made from a tree. 

Yes, we Saw Rock City.  Too bad the nice man we asked to take the picture didn't get the whole barn in the shot like I asked.  Oh well.  We're still cute, kitschy, and you can tell we're about Done with Seeing Rock City. 

But next stop was Ruby Falls.  We dashed halfway down the mountain to get on the last tour of the evening.  Lucky!  They were opening up as a haunted  cavern thing for Halloween later in the night, but we are so not down with that.  We were Lucky Chris agreed to see the cave.  Of the 45 signs, and just about as many times we asked, we were batting about 50% on whether or not he actually wanted to go.  Lucky for us he said Yes as we approaching Lookout Mountain.  When Chris said Yes, so did Sam, so we were Go!   

Look at those Awesome Stalactites! 

The boys check out the water as it rushes by from Ruby Falls, on it's way underground to the Tennessee River.  

Ruby Falls.  


But a little loud for Christopher, the loud rushing water upset him, so he looked, with his ears covered.  We didn't think to pack his headphones, but next time, I'll make sure to have them stashed in my bag until the last minute.  He did do really well the whole journey through the cave, just the end was a bit much for him.  Mommy on the other hand was an exhausted nut by the end, and frankly grateful to go sit in the car for a while.  

We got out of Tennessee, crossed the border into Georgia, and stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel.  Apparently, that requires that the boys stop outside and play their own version of checkers.  And I got some chicken-n-dumplings that hit the spot with this pregnant woman, such as I've been craving them ever since.  It was a great night to end on.  Hooray! 

We were all so content, we were able to drive another hour into Georgia, before calling it a night at the Best Western of Addairsville, GA.