Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Someone is eating


This has been something kind of new.  Chris has been eating his dinner this week.  And asking for dessert.  This evening, he was  very bummed when he realized that Mommy's  snack had been the last of the brownies.  Actually, it was the weirdest thing.  I'd been upstairs taking a shower, and I remember thinking, I'm getting a little hungry, I need to eat something soon.  By the time I was done eating, I was shaky, and my eyes were spinning a little bit.  I needed sugar NOW.  So I went downstairs and there was about a 1/3 of a pan of brownies, left from when our friend brought me dinner last week.  I stuffed my face, until I stopped shaking, eating brownies and drinking milk, sat there and polished off all but one. Left that for Chris for an afterschool snack.  He was appalled, but he ate the last brownie.  However, after dinner, he was asking for dessert. I suggested we make another pan, we had Costco - the brownie mix in the pantry.
He was thrilled.  And since there were eggs in the batter, he was perfectly content with the job of spoon licker.  :)

Smelling the final product.  Brownies are so good when they are warm.  Too bad I didn't want one when they were done.  Still full from dinner I guess.