Monday, October 29, 2012

Breaking Away


Friday, the boys and I were feeling good enough to get out and play.  Time to make hay while the sun shines.  Our old MOPS friends were having a ginormous playdate, taking advantage of being home on Fall Break.  You'd think it would bonkers to invite all of us over, even with the extra bonus insanity of the big sibs, but really all the more crazy made all the more fun.  They wouldn't hold still for a mass photo.  

The closest I got was this picture of Christopher dressing up as Skeleton Pirate (really this pirate costume is rather scary) and the kids wanted him to chase them all around.  I thought he was overdoing it, but when he stopped, they would come back up and ask him to chase some more.  Crazycakes.  But we all had a wonderful time, and to spend time with these buddies we used to play with every other week when Chris was little, was actually wonderful for all three of us.   I miss my old MOPS group, but it's playdates like this that make me smile, make me remember our group is not gone, just changed a bit. 

While we were taking advantage of the boys being off on Fall Break, we decided to get Really Crazy.   

After we left E's house, we went and "Kidnapped" Daddy from work.  Technically it was his Lunch break, but it ended up being a bit longer than the regular lunch break because we popped over to the Children's Museum.  Eric won our family free tickets to the Haunted House, so we snagged him to go with us.  The boys pieces for their new Halloween costumes weren't ready yet, so we let them pick costumes from their bin.  Chris chose to be Superman, and Sam wanted to be Captain America.  

We took the kids through the Haunted House, and they did wonderfully!  I myself thought it was a bit too gory for my liking, some of the things I saw sent me swirling.  But the boys were great, Chris even went bravely though the moving tunnel.  The sight of that sent my stomach into my throat.  But all three of my Boyz went through willingly and bravely.  I was impressed.  And the crowds, well they sent out right out just as quickly.  

But not before the Cuteness says BOO! 

Chris and Sam got a big kick out of Bumblebee dressed to go Trick or Treating too!