Monday, October 29, 2012

12 weeks


Christopher took this picture of me, not too shabby.  

It's my 12 week picture. 

How did I get to be 12 weeks pregnant?  

How did this happen?  I mean, I know HOW, it just boggles the mind.  I feel like I've only been pregnant for a couple weeks, and now we're at that 'safe' 12 week place.  Secrets Somehow we went to Florida for a week, and suddenly my belly is pooching.  I've been in capris and my swimsuit all week, but I get home and I now HAVE to wear my fat jeans.  That's OK and all, at least I have them.  But I've been feeling so crummy, I'm dizzy, tired, trying to unpack has been utterly exhausting.  It took all I had to start the laundry, and there isn't much from the trip, just 2 loads, and it was already in the mudroom, but even moving around wears me out.  Not taking any more road trips like that for a while!