Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary!


18 years ago, October 24th was a chill y fall evening. I was sitting on the steps of Ross Hall at Butler with a friend of mine, waiting on some friends to go to our mutual fraternity/sorority meeting, just chatting when he asked me out.  He asked me to go see Les Miserable for the Sunday Matinee the following weekend.  Of course I said Yes! 
He reached for my hand, and held it and we walked across campus together, transitioning easily from Friends to More. And we've been holding hands through life ever since. Happy Anniversary Eric Willman!

As a gift to myself, I went to the doctor.  I was so tired of feeling crummy , I called begging them to see me.  Wednesday was a good day for it, because both my OB and family doc would be in the same office at the same time.  I had been griping about the dizziness, chills, inability to breathe, exhaustion on fb, and some friends were worried I might have pneumonia.  Well, Kaylee's birthday is this weekend, and if I want to see a little girl, I needed to get healthy, Stat!  

I went to the doctor while Sam was in gymnastics, and takes one look at me and says to me, you're dizzy because you're not getting oxygen to your brain.  You sound awful. I do so adore his down to earth honesty.   He checked with my OB, and gave me a zpack and prescription robutussin with codeine - woohoo!   

We picked up the drugs, and went home for naps.  By the time I woke up from naps I was feeling better.  I had schemy scheme ideas.  I even had almost an appetite for the first time in days, so I asked Eric if we could go out on a date for dinner.  Sushi sounded good to me (something else that hadn't sounded good at all).  We did, he took me out for sushi at Tegry Bistro down the street.  Lisa had given us gift cards for that place, and we hadn't gotten to use them, but it worked out just right.  We only spent our own money on childcare and got a great date night out of it!  Happy Anniversary to us!  Here's to many more years of good health and good times together.