Monday, October 8, 2012

Bat Biscuits


It's official.  I'm starting to have Cravings.  I went to the store last week and bought a tube of sausage.   I wanted to stop at McDonald's and buy a hot fudge sundae with no nuts.  Kaylee had wanted one in the hospital, and when I saw her eating it, I wanted one.  And now I've wanted one every day since.  But I try to curb that craving.  I've only had one other one.  So I went to the store, and very responsibly bought vanilla bean ice cream so I can make my own sundaes at home.  :)  And bought sausage... Weird.  I know right?  Me?  I hate breakfast sausage.  The only links I like are the maple ones that they used to serve in elementary school that barely tasted like meat at all.  But I like this.  And me and Bebe wanted this.  

Sausage Gravy.  

Of course, Eric, never  content to do only something easy, kicked it up a notch, when I asked for Biscuits and Gravy by making October, festive halloweeny Bat Biscuits.  I was so surprised.  So were the boys.  They each ate 2!  So yummy ! 

So this Gravy.  It's the only Sausage Gravy that I've ever tried that I like.  I mean, really like.  It's my friend Nicki's recipe, and it's phenomenal. She made it for all of us last year for Freezer Cooking Club.  She said, people really like my sausage gravy, I'll make that.  So we didn't try it for a while, honestly because I don't like sausage gravy.  When we finally did.  I tried some.  And then I ate the crap out of it.  Eric thought he'd be eating it alone, but the two of us mowed down.  And we've made it multiple times since, and it never makes it to the Freezer.  Just writing about this makes me want more.  

So here, try Nicki's recipe.  It's so simple and wonderful you won't believe it.  

And what a perfect way to start a sunday morning in the fall.  

Bat biscuits and Gravy.   Church.  And Sweety Sweetboys swinging.  

It's a good day.  


Melissa A. said...

Yum! I adore those bat biscuits! I just did a bat lesson in my pre-k class this week. We may have to make some bat biscuits to celebrate all the bat facts we learned! :)

amypfan said...

I DO like sausage gravy but rarely get to have it, so I'll have to try this recipe--thanks! :)