Friday, October 5, 2012



On the last day of the session in Chris's gymnastics class, they break out a parachute at the end of class.  It's a sensory processing wonderland.  The first few times Chris would flip out.   Now he's an old pro.

He didn't even flip out when Miss Emily flipped him!  

Sorry about the bumpiness in the video, I tend to watch him with my eyes, rather than via the screen.  

Parachute time!  I love that he sat down next to Sam's friend Kingston, they are in preschool together, but Chris hasn't met him yet.  They are very similar boys in personality, probably why Sam gets along with both of them.  :)  

I love seeing him hop around the parachute as it's floating up and down, it would make me all kinds of dizzy to hop around on that, but he does just fine.  Not forward rolling on it quite yet, but there's time for that.