Sunday, October 28, 2012

Babies, the Beach, and Beyond, Day 9


Waking in Florida, on this day was one of the most lovely.  We found a cheaper hotel, Red Roof Inn, no need for a pool, we swam before we left, and thought we might try to swim today, but they didn't provide breakfast either.  We did have an excellent view of a tree covered in spanish moss.  I know it's invasive, but it just seems so cool to me.

After leaving the Tallahassee area, we went to Pensacola.  One of my oldest friends from high school, Maija, had just had a baby.  She turns purple/grey when she gets very upset and they had her in the NICU to rule out any problems.  But really she is a happy sweet baby, and there didn't seem to be any problems.  They sent her home a couple days later, saying it was breath holding spells.  Just like Chris but younger, ugh.  I remember how frustrating it was when people wouldn't fix my baby,  they just said, don't worry, let him pass out, he'll be fine,  until the developmental pediatrician sat down and explained that at this age, breath holding was instinctual, and that sometimes they'd forget to breath, but once they pass out, they'll breathe fine.  Breathing instinct overrides.  We only had one bad episode after that.  Maija seems to be doing a fine job just keeping her baby happy.  

Look at that Sweet Face. 

After I got to visit baby Sophie-Ella in the NICU, we kidnapped Maija and ran her to Starbucks for a quick break before the next feeding, we got to chat, get the scoop on the baby, and Maija got to be introduced to the insanity of the boys.  We were talking about taking them to the beach perhaps, they could play/swim out some of their energy before we headed out of Florida for good, and across Alabama.  
Maija suggested we go down to Pensacola Beach, she said it was only about 15 minutes away from the hospital, and she was right on.  It was Perfect.  A cloudless sky, a gentle breeze, we were Blessed.  

My Boyz on the boardwalk at Pensacola Beach.

They didn't really want to stop for cheesy photos, there was a beach to swim and play, they didn't want to hold still, or wait for photos.  

As nice passerby took a family picture for us, and even though it's 'contaminated' with rays from the sun on Sam's face, I can't help but look back and smile, it was the most beautiful, peaceful place, absolutely heavenly.  I think I've decided I may be a beach girl.  

Christopher guides Sam toward the water.  

The water was perfect. 

Sam was nervous, so he stood by me, while Daddy took Christopher out into the water.  

 It's hard to see but both Eric and Chris were wearing their googles.  They could peek down and see little fishies swimming around our feet. They were having so much fun.  It took me a while to get Sam out there too, but as long as I held him on my hip, he did fine.  But boy, carrying boys on a beach is quite the workout!

I just love the look of this, my two bigger boys going out to play in the sea.  

 Like waves upon the sand.  

Our moments at the beach were so wonderful, the sky was perfectly blue, and there were butterflies and birds flying all over.  As we crossed the bridge across the Pensacola bay, we found these rocks absolutely Covered with pelicans.

There's just something about pelicans, they look almost prehistoric to me, like you can see exactly where pterodactyls and pteranodons came from. 

The above pelican circled around me, and came in for a landing.  It looked so awkward, but he managed it, see him slamming on the wing breaks to land on that rock, Awesome! 

There were some seagulls and some sort of non-descript black bird hanging out on the rocks too. 

Right next to where I pulled over to take bird/pelican pictures, there was a bush the butterflies loved.  I hadn't been able to capture any of them landing when we were down by the beach, but they were everywhere in the air.  I suppose if you backtrack, you can see butterfly dots in our beach pics. ;)

Monarchs, up close and beautiful. 

Drink up little butterfly.  It's a long flight to Mexico! 

After our visit with the butterflies, we headed north out of the panhandle.  We quickly crossed into Alabama, but it turns out Alabama is a big state.  And full of trees and cotton.  

We pulled over to get up close to a field of Cotton.  

Chris was so cute!  He tried to blow the cotton.  Little tougher than that.  

He showed Sam it's ok to touch it.  It's soft.  

Sam thought the cotton plants were neat too. 

You know that movie Places in the Heart where they pick the cotton until their hands bleed.  It's scary that it's so beautiful.  Makes me treasure my cotton garments so much more.  

Making it through Alabama, Sam decides it's his turn to read the map.  Once we got on I-65 in Alabama, we were good to go all the way home, but Sam still felt the need to give us directions. 

I'm telling you, all these pine trees in Alabama, would make Eric very happy, he loves a pine forest floor, and they are all over the place.  Surprisingly, I loved the entire state of Alabama, it was so peaceful and pretty.   I'm going to have to get back there someday, actually stay instead of driving through. 

 Tall tall trees.  

We called it a night just north of Birmingham, it was 6 hours of consecutive driving, though we were still in Alabama, at least we'd covered the majority of it.  We should have 8-9 hours until home on Sunday.  The boys couldn't resist one last opportunity to swim with goggles and squirtguns in a hotel pool.  Too cold for Mommy though, the ride, the evening sickness and the sneezles were catching up with me.