Monday, October 29, 2012

Sick and Wrong


Aren't they cute?  Even running wild in the pharmacy.  I know.  

After taking Sam to preschool today, Chris and I just hung out and watched cartoons, contemplating life and wondering why Diego can drive?  But I needed to do something productive with my day, and I wanted to get all of us in for Flu shots.  The CVS Minute Clinic by us was offering them, and Eric had his at work, so I was basically just waiting for a convenient time when I had both boys. Bam!  Fall Break.  So after school I ran the boys over.  They were crazy.  Up and down, all over the crazy scale.  Christopher was absolutely terrified of getting a flu shot.  I tried to explain to him that this 5 seconds of pain was much better than being sick for a week, or having to go to the hospital for getting the flu.  But he was not buying it.  He had back to back to back timeouts while she was preparing our three shots, and I thought he'd be all right sitting on my lap getting it, after me, and Sam had received ours.  Sam was nervous, but didn't cry out at all.  He took it like a Champ.  Instead he had a full body autistic freak out when it was time to get his.   It was Ugly.  

So he was sitting in timeout again to calm down, and I was chatting with the gal who was cleaning up.  I asked her to look in the kids ears/nose/throats to see if they were healthy yet, because this coming weekend (Actually THIS Very Day!) was Kaylee's Birthday, and we wanted to go Celebrate.  So she took a look inside the boys.  First she find that Sam does indeed have a cold, lots of drainage, which I had suspected.  But she says, "his tonsils are HUGE!"  Huge?  Huge. She asks if he has had trouble sleeping?  Yup. Been in bed with me for a month.  She recommends waiting a week or so, to let the cold clear out, and getting him checked by his doc.  So no Sam to go see Kaylee, but I figured he was still a bit too snoochy to see her. 
So then she checks Chris, the healthy one...He has a fever, 99.3, low grade, but still. Say what? He's been the healthy one....for once!  She says he has a cold, not surprising, come to think of it he has been blowing out some funky stuff first thing in the morning.  He probably shouldn't have gotten the flu shot, but oh well, too late now.  

So none of us are going to be playing with Kaylee.   It's been a month.  Pook.  Aunt Cathy's getting a little twitchy, this being sick stuff is for the birds. 


Kathy said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon. I'm sorry that Chris freaked out, we have those moments and they are so hard.