Monday, October 29, 2012

Wings and Things


OK, so this is a Terrible picture.  But it was the only one I took.  

Because I was way too busy eating Buffalo Wings.  

We met Oma and Opa at Brozzini's in Greenwood for lunch.  They have the Best Buffalo Wings this side of Buffalo, even my Stepmom approves, and she knows buffalo wings, she's from Western NY.  But we go and order a bunch extra crispy.  I have been craving these since before we figured out we were expecting.  And even thinking about Brozzini's wings gets me to craving them!  We got to tell my Step-grandmother about Baby #3, and the boys got to finally wear their new Big Brother shirts.  Meb didn't get the awesomeness of Sam being finally able to wear a Big Brother shirt, but the rest of us, enjoyed it.  The kids were abounding with energy, happy and crazy.  It was a Wonderful day.