Monday, October 29, 2012

Getting in the Spirit - Boo!


Yesterday, after church, Eric and I took the boys to the ZooBoo at the Zoo.  The boys picked out their costumes again from the bin, Chris wanted to be Superman again, and Sam chose Spiderman.

Spiderman tries to take down Superman. 

Mr. Ray! 

Takin' on the Jellies! 

Sweetboys get to pet the sharks.  Sma was able to actually pet one, but Chris was a little uncomfortable trying, but they were so cute watching too. 

Say Cheese!

Boys being boys in a hay maze.  I was very excited that Chris was a very good big brother, and took Sam right through the maze. 

When we got to the back of the zoo, the back 9, we call it, was where the Trick or Treating was to take place at 2.  We got there just a bit after, and there were no people giving anything out.  The boys were bummed, bored, and sat down to play tug of war with the festively decorative princess spider.  

The kids Trick or Treat at the Zoo...once we finally find a real person!  

Sam checks out the lions. 

When we got to the lions, the Lioness decided to clear her throat a little bit.  Really kind of scary to think she's just doing a little smack talking.  Hate to hear them go all out.

After the lions, the boys chat up with the baboons. 

The kudu had just had a baby, and my baby checks out their new baby. 

After Trick or Treating around the Back 9, the boys wanted to ride the train. 
You Betcha!  
They were doing a whole Wizard of Oz theme skit thing on the train ride, and as I'm singing along, it occurs to me, my boys have Never Seen the Wizard of Oz.  Tragic!  But when I got home I found we didn't have it on DVD, and I couldn't find it on netflix, I may have it on vhs somewhere, but those haven't been unpacked yet.  Oh well, the kids had a just plain great time on the ride anyway. 

The boys had a stop, where they could make a little project, sponsered by Lowe's, with tiny adorable hammers, and sweet plastic goggles, and even work aprons.  It was a boys haven.  So I sent mine in to 'bang and screw', only Sam was getting cold and tired, and it wasn't working for him.  So he and I sat down for a sweet break.  This was the FIRST and ONLY place we stopped at the zoo, that wasn't giving out Red 40 candy.  I thanked the lady profusely, because Finally Sam could dig right in to something, and I wouldn't have to worry.  She was so kind, she let me take a handful of lollipops, all dumdums, and let me sift through the for the green and blue ones.  I was so grateful.  And so was Sam! 

While Sam was taking a lollipop break, Chris finished his schoolhouse picture holder.  Super Cute, eh?  
And I don't just mean the project. ;) 

After the ZooBoo, I took the boys over to church for the Trunk-or-Treat.  Upon arrival, the kids were allowed to dig in and make some S'mores.  Only my kids are so crazy, they didn't want their marshmallows toasted, oh no...they like their marshmallows raw.  Straight up chewy sugar.  Yum-O. 

After a little sugary pick-me-up, the boys got down to Trunk-or-Treating.  

I felt bad, this was the first year we didn't participate, but honestly, I had been feeling so terrible, it was rather miraculous, I managed to them Costumed, and doing seasonal things at all.  I guess that's why we compiled it all into one weekend, because we were gone, and I felt terrible, we just didn't feel Festive until this weekend. 

Blessedly, my friends went above and beyond in decorating their trunks.  There were games, snacks, and prizes even!  Sam was really thrilled with Miss Lori's trunk, he won a lollipop (a non red 40 one). which made him very excited.  The only thing better is if it had been Green. 

The boys even got to play a little ball at one of the cars during the Trunk-or-Treat. 

After voting for our favorites, the kids got to play on the playground for a few minutes.  But I saw Sam crying, and one of his little friends was helping save the day.  We'd dropped Daddy off to start some yard work, so I suspected dinner would be a long way out.  I decided to stop off at Orange Leaf for Frozen Yogurt, something Chris always asks to do when we're on vacation.  Since it was the Last Night of his Fall Break, officially, I caved, and swung by on our way home church. 

Like they hadn't had enough sugar already, I was compelled to give them more?

I know, but Tis the Season!  Happy Halloween!

I can't resist celebrating every spare moment when we're on vacation, so how could I resist ice cream for what ended up being our dinner.  I couldn't.  And the boys and I were totally ok with that.