Monday, October 29, 2012

Doing Brunch


Back to School!  Fall Break for the majority of the Willman clan is over.  Sam had to go back Tuesday.  However, since Chris had a full two weeks off, and one was spent in Florida, he still got another week at home with me (and Sam) though Sam's schedule got back into full swing when we got back.

As an added bonus, Chris's friend Emily was also on Fall Break while her little sisters were also not.  So, Kathleen and I schemed for our elder children to get together for a special date while the littles were in school.  We met for Brunch at Le Peep.

I've got to tell you, it was so refreshing to have some grownup conversation with my girlfriend, while pretty much did the same.  We felt like such grownups! They kind of kept to themselves, they played,  laughed hysterically, ate pancakes and french toast, and played school math class with the jelly samples.  It was great, and just what we needed. 

Too bad it was raining the whole time, however with a cold fall rain comes great warm beverages.  Also very good. ;)  

Even in the rain, it's still a beautiful Fall in Indiana.  This was snapped as I was driving around back of Eagle Creek Park after our brunch date, as we went to get Sam.