Friday, October 12, 2012

A Day of Beauty


Monday was a Wondrous day.  

First and foremost, Eric and I went to the OB for my ultrasound.  We thought there was something wrong when we looked at the screen and saw arms and legs wiggling.  I thought if I was pregnant, I might be about 5-6 weeks.  Dinner hadn't been looking too good to me Saturday or Sunday night.  And at 6 weeks, there are leg buds and a tail, not wiggling waving legs and arms.  But this baby is a mover and a shaker.  

The tech says, Um...I think you're a little further than you thought.  

How far?  I ask. 

About 10 weeks.  


I just lost a month...or rather gained a month.  And judging by the level of quease that came on that night, a crappy month.  Hooray!  

I know what you really want to see.  So here they are:  Ultrasound pictures! 

Waving hi for the camera! 

Bitty baby, back down, leg up. 

Arms and legs a'wigglin'! Dancin' and a prancin'! 

Hi Mama!  

We weren't expecting a baby looking baby.  But he/she is so sweet.  

I drove home on a high.  The sun was shining, it was a beautiful day, and now, on May 5th, we are expecting our third child.  Amazing.  Thank you God.  And just to affirm, he sent us a beautiful fall day.  

Some pictures I snapped on the way home.  

Trees glowing.  

A cloudless sky really makes the trees seem to glow more.  

And they weren't even at their peak! 

Sam and I stopped to smell the roses on our way through the neighborhood next door.

Love this Sycamore tree.  Looks amazing against the blue sky.  

A perfect day for us to stop and treasure all that is changing around us, just makes me appreciate all that is changing within me, within our family all the more.