Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family Day, Day 6


Wednesday was our Family Day.  The Kidz Club was closed for "family day".  So although we paid for All Week Kidz club for the boys, it was only going to be for about 2 days.  That's ok, I actually I actually really enjoy spending time with my kids when I'm on Vacation.  I know, I'm weird.  Having so much alone time the day before, I was pretty well prepared to play with the boys all day, .  After Breakfast, we borrowed Lexi, and went down to check out the Art Studio.  We had popped in the day before, there was a sign on the door saying Tye Dying from 9-11. So we stopped by.  Ah yes, always the small print at the Club Med.  If you want to Tye Dye, you have to bring something to dye.  Of course, they have white shirts for sale at the gift shop, no doubt 20$ or something obscene.  Tuesday, the Kidz Club wanted the kids to have hats, so we bought them little Club Med hats...Expensive...but I'll get back to that later.  Luckily, the kids didn't insist on dying something.  So we sat down and colored.

Actually, we had a lovely time coloring.  Probably because Chris and Alexis started it, and making really pretty pictures.  So even Sam settled down to do so, which he Never does.  But because his Alexis was doing it.....  

Chris had a great time coloring a purple Bullseye.  

Even Daddy got in on the action. :)

This was probably one of my favorite pics of the day, maybe The Favorite, Alexis and her  sweetboys walking back to our room.  They were so enthralled with her, they wanted to do everything she did.  I can't blame them, it was really wonderful to spend this much consecutive time with her, we really all got to know each other better.  A Blessing.  

Did I mention Alexis was Wonderful with Sam?  They'd swim together, he kept asking for her to hold him, and vice versa.  Made for easy trips to the pool for mama, which was great, because I was feeling really puny.  I was so tired, a bit dizzy, kept drinking pina coladas and ginger ale like they were going out of style.  

Daddy and Chris crabwalking on the bottom of the zero entry family pool, while Sam watches.  They were so hysterical.  


Christopher spent so much time opening his eyes underwater that they got all red and irritated by lunch.  We hoped naps would help us all. And we realized that both boys had been sleeping terribly.  Sam had been up every hour on Tuesday night.  So we figured it was because the one thing Mommy had forgotten was their Prevacid.  So Daddy went on the prowl, both by phone and car, to doctors and drugstores, to get them a bit of prevacid at the local CVS.  Easier said than done.  Apparently, it took the banks 4 days to realize that we were in Florida, and that though we'd spent $$ all the way down, trying to buy medicine in Florida, gets your accounts locked out.  In a big way.  So Eric tried during the duration of naps Eric drove around trying to get drugs.  

 Instead he got trapped in a rainstorm.  

But he went out after supper and was finally able to get drugs, and because he's also a wild and crazy guy, he picked up goggles for Chris, and a huge pack of squirtguns.  

In the evening, once again, Mommy's evening sickness struck, at least I have a good reason, so Daddy took the boys to the pool.  

Oh yes, Daddy was the Hero of the Evening. Of the Day!  Of the Week!