Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Field Trip


The Tuesday before we left for Florida, Sam had a Field Trip to Beasley's orchard...AND PUMPKIN PATCH!  That was the first time for both of us to go to a proper pumpkin patch to really pick a pumpkin.  Usually we get pumpkins from our church.  This was really neat.  There was a hayride out to the field, and Sam was so adorable, the day was gorgeous, even though we'd had a lot of rain.

At first he wasn't too sure about riding the hay wagon out to the pumpkin field.  

But when we got there it was a sea of jack-o-lanterns, as far as we could see. 

Party of the preschool visit package was being able to pick out our own little pumpkins, a special preschooler size type I think, because the small patch they sent us only had teensy ones.   But that was Perfect for Sam to pick for us.  

Sam picked a little orange one for me, and a "Geen" one for himself.  He loved the idea of a green pumpkin, much moreso than the regular kind.  

After the hard work of Punkin Picking, Sam and his friends got to sample some cider (unpasteurized , so none for me, :(  )  and shortbread cookies.   It was a good day.