Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Taking Off, Day 1


Last Friday, Sam was very excited to help me pack up and get ready to go on our trip. He packed his own backpack, full of the Leapster and games.  Once full he could barely carry it, but he insisted, and he was Very Ready to get in the car.  He didn't nap all day, I thought he'd sleep once we started driving, but he didn't.  He did help me with laundry, and getting ready.  He was a great helper!  

Daddy got home a bit early.  Sam pooped in his carseat, major blowout while we were running last minute errands, and in my exhausted blithering state, I could for the life of me figure out how to disconnect the carseat.  Eric came home, disconnected it, moved the carseat from his car to mine, and we got it washed all before hitting the road.  We took off at 6 p.m.  

The boys were so excited, Christopher wanted to drive all the way to Florida in one night.  Yeah, not gonna happen.  We stopped in Columbus for McDonald's (and Arby's) for a drive thru dinner, restroom break, and I was actually able to run in and buy the boys the Big Brother shirts at Carter's  I had been dying to pick up for them.  We hopped back on the road, just as it was getting dark.  The DVD player had just enough juice for 1 movie, and watching Nemo kept them in good spirits until we hit Louisville.  Beginning shortly thereafter all three of my boys began to give signs of their exhaustion.    To Florida, HA!  We weren't going to make it out of Kentucky.  So we ended up stopping in Elizabethtown at the Comfort Inn & Suites for the night, about 9 - 9:30.  They boys were happy, they got to share their own pull out bed.  It really is the little things that amuse them. 

 I was thrilled to have a bed and 3 pillows all to myself.