Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moving out, Day 8


It was time for us to leave Club Med, and get packed up, and we had until 11 to be out of the room, but they said we could stick around if we wanted until 3.  So we sent the kids to Kidz Club for a couple hours while we packed up.  SO Much Easier that way.  Packing is never easy, it's always a little crazy, but packing + fighting, well little good comes of that.  Afterwards, we were very grateful for one last lunch in the grownup room by ourselves before hitting the road.

But before we hit the road, we agreed to one last Family Swim at the pool.  

However, I was really tired, and gravity was not my friend, I only went in for a bit before deciding I needed to lay down a minute.  

The boys played on.  Chris was like a little fish playing underwater as much as he could.  

My boys were very happy playing in the water, and as most folks were still at lunch,we had a lot of the pool to ourselves! 

Sorry about the wonky camera movement, as I told Eric, Sometimes when cuteness happens in real life I take my eyes off the camera so I can watch myself...sometimes. 

I know, it was a rough view.  

We got a little post-lunch visit.  And Sam was very sad that his soggy self wasn't allowed to hug 'My Lexi'.  He wanted all the Lexi he could get.  I believed he may have even used those words.  


After our swim, we went back to Mom and Dad's room, as we walked by our old room, they were cleaning it out, and Sam was so sad, he said, I'm gonna tell Grandma we don't have a room anymore.  But the kids got a chance to dance their crazies out, Willman Style.  In case you can't tell, Willman Style means Chris uses bananas to create a mustache while Lexi dances Gangnam Style.  

When all was said and done, we hit the road about 3.  Like we planned it.  Sam conked out and slept for 3 hours!  (During all of which I had to pee, and held it, knowing that if we stopped the car, we'd wake him.)  And once he woke up, the kids watched tv and movies until we stopped just outside of Tallahassee.  Not too shabby, a day of playing and a significant chunk of driving.  Gonna have to make good time if we're gonna make it home by a reputable hour on Sunday night!