Friday, October 5, 2012

Getting Out


Hey Aunt Lisa!  Check out my boots!  

Friday was a perfect day for wearing boots and going puddle stomping.  We met our friend M* for coffee.  Again, I'm predictable.  As soon as I ordered decaf, the eyebrow went up, and she suspected something was up.  I confessed going cold turkey on caffeine and booze (and all fun things) because I was pretty sure I was pregnant.  For exercise after our beverages, we like to walk around the Target a bit.  By the end of our trip, the smell of popcorn, buttery and plasticky was making me queasy.  Not as bad as with Christopher, with whom I had to outlaw everyone at work from making popcorn when I was in office because it would literally send me running to the bathroom.  This just made me queasy.  But M* said it was smelling funky too.  That made me feel better.  
Sam thought it was a perfect puddle stomping day.  

Just as Chris got home from school, I got a call from my niece Alexis.  She'd come home, and Ryan and Amy and Kaylee were still at the hospital.  Kaylee had needed a blood transfusion, so that had kept them a bit later than usual.  She was a bit lonely, so she called me.  Well, we swooped in and 'rescued' her from an evening of lonliness, though she probably would have been just fine, we kidnapped her, and she joined us in our festive evening plans.  

I hadn't spent this much time with her in so long.  She and I were the only ones chatting in the car as we drove, lots of good girl talk.  I got the scoop about the new orchestra she's in, and she played for me.  Oh, here's a video.  
And we talked about volleyball, and I learned that they don't say "Going together" anymore, just "Together", like "They are together."  Very informative!  I also found out the new cool thing to do is blend couple's names.  Like not just Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina) but kids at the intermediate school.  If they are a couple, they merge their names.   Huh?!  Would that make us Cathic or Erathy?

Anyway, Lexi came with us over to the Julius's.  They were going to borrow the boys for us for a bit so that Eric and I could go to Therapy.  So we let Alexis play there while we went to therapy.  Emily had just gotten new reading glasses, just like Lexi did at the same age.  She gave Em some advice, she wore hers all the time, and her eyes got stronger, now she doesn't have to wear them any more.  Emily was in lalaland over having a big sisterish type person around.  It was great.   Lexi was simply crawling with little girls.  Everyone was so happy to have her around.  And holy cow, she's so good with the little ones!  We can't wait until she can babysit!

Our appt fizzled, our therapist stood us up.  When we came back, the kids (and Mike) were playing a game.  Too much fun was being had by all the big kids!  

But the girls could not stay away from Alexis.  They absolutely adored having her around.  Like I said, she was wonderful with them, she was a huge hit.  The twins wanted to touch her all the time. And she was so good natured about it.  And hearing all that love and laughter, well, it was just what everyone needed on a cold rainy day.  


amypfan said...

Love that girl! And great pictures to show the fun!