Sunday, October 28, 2012

Making the Most of The Last Day, Day 7


When I woke up Thursday, I thought to myself, how nice it will be today, the boys are going to go to Kidz Club, and I want to do a Flower Walk.  But then I got out of bed, and I was so tired.  I immediately reduced my day to 2 goals:  2 naps, when you're pregnant all you want to do is sleep, uninterrupted, and take pictures of Flowers.  I met both of these goals.
First a Top Ten of the flower pics I snapped while moseying around the gardens at Club Med with Eric.
1. Pink Hibiscus - yes, we're in Florida! 

2.  My googled guess is Jatropha.

3.  Ti plant covered with raindrops and dew.  

4.  Same type of Ti plant, aka cordyline terminalis as above, but this one was flowering. 

5. Florida tree fern

6. Ixora or the Jungle Flame

7. Red hibiscus

8. Blue plumbago

9. Bovitiya plant

10.  Calliandra or the Powder Puff Plant - no truer name was spoken.

I was still feeling crummy so I went and took a morning nap after breakfast, then we went for a walk, mostly so I could take some pictures, see above.  Then stopped and chatted with Dad at the noisy pool, saw Christopher there.

Someone was Pretty Happy about his new goggles!  No oowie red eyes for this sweetboy! 

Then went for a dip in the Calm pool before lunch.  

Then another nap, and we went to rescue the boys.   Found this weird little bird on the way.

While I was taking a nap, my husband was doing this.  *This picture and video were not taken by me. *

Yes, my husband was Flying through the air with the greatest of ease, that daring young man on the flying trapeze!  

We found Christopher on a nature scavenger hunt with his group.  First we found them picking the hibiscus flowers I had taken pictures of earlier, then they were on a hunt to find and capture a lizard.  No success there, the little buggers are fast, but what a great distraction!  

Here's something I will tell you, for an all inclusive resort, Club Med did tend to nickel and dime us to death, above and beyond what we already paid, such as 50$ for internet access for one appliance for internet, or requiring hats for kidz club and charging 20$ for them, such that we spent as much, if not more, there than if we'd gone to DisneyWorld.  
But I will say their Staff, their Staff was worth it.  These people Genuinely love kids.  And I could tell that they really enjoyed being with them.  On Wednesday, the kid club staff day off, we bumped into them around the compound, since they live in dorms on sight, often from other countries, anyway, they would stop with and chat with Chris and Sam.  And you could just tell that they really liked kids, they weren't schmoozing them just to keep us happy, they really liked kids, really wanted to know how they were doing, like the one guy that had Chris that we bumped into, wanted to know how he was coming on swimming underwater. They really like kids, and that was worth it.   You know at Disney they love kids, I was happily surprised that they really liked them at Club Med too.  And you know, I can love anybody that genuinely loves my kids.  You can't have too many people loving your children.    

Sam was found doing massive amounts of finger painting.  That was another great sign.  They made a much bigger mess than I would ever let them do at my house! 

I'm sure this is just an amazing ton of pictures, but words alone do not describe. 

Then he discovered the Blue Paint! 

And what you did if you covered your hands and shook them.  

 Oh yes, this kid was having WAY too much Fun! 

 I was very glad when they took him inside to hose him off, but to finish the job, they brought him out to the baby pool, just didn't do his face, that they saved for a baby wipe.  Amazing.

After Sam was cleaned up we went over the snack bar for Mommy's daily round of french fries and smoothie. 

It started to rain.  Hard. 

But the fish were so happy it started raining, they literally started jumping out of the water.

I just love this, well, because my niece is a silly goose.  

Our last evening.  Ahh..