Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


My boys took very good care of me today.  I am Blessed.  They had breakfast ready for me when I got up, honey flakey biscuits with egg and cheese and a cup of already doctored up coffee.   Just like I like them.  I didn't have to say a word.   Eric got me a pedicure at the swanky place down the street.  Gonna be Nice, whenever I cash that in.  And they boys picked out a hammock for me. A lovely peaceful hammock just for me.

Eric took Christopher to Sunday school, and had just enough time to surprise me by putting the hammock up before we had to go to church.  So, of course, I had to sample it to make sure it was ok.   It was.  

View Halloo! 

Check out this view, straight up into the trees.  The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, it was beautiful. And the surprising thing was, my back didn't hurt.  Yesterday, Her Royal Highness, Princess Poops-a-lot, pooped and peed rather explosively in her crate while we were at the store. It was gross on so many levels, but disgusting enough that Eric got a bad wave of nausea when he saw it.  Smelled it before we could even enter the house.  Today, she did it again, while were were at church and lunch, but I couldn't help clean up that one.  I cleaned up the floors and bathroom yesterday.  Sh** was Everywhere.  There is a reason I don't  clean bathrooms, it kills my back and shoulders to scrub.  Yet there I was, on my hands and knees doing the crate, the floor and the walls.  The baseboards had poo splatter on them.  Oh, it was so gross.  

The shower I had afterward was the best ever. It felt so good to be clean.  

However, my back has been killing me all day long.  So at first I was afraid to try out my new hammock, because I didn't know if I'd be able to get back out.  However, something really great happened.  The hammock was wonderful.  It was strong and supportive, and yet relaxing.  Eric said he picked this one because it had rave reviews from people with crappy backs, people that liked it so much, the went and bought one for their bedrooms to use instead of a bed.  Wild!  So I hopped in.  

Oh My.  

Yes, it was that good. And in it, I felt the best I had felt all day.  I should've stayed there.  But I didn't. The kids knew it was Mother's Day, and I didn't want to play hookey from church, just to go play with the fam.  That's not the message I was trying to send as a parent - it's mommy's day, she can choose whatever she wants, she chooses to skip church.  Because No.  I choose church. I choose to Worship God in a group, where 2 or more are gathered.  Even if he up/down of our litergy hurt.   I did sit through most of it.  But that didn't change the fact, that I hurt.  

Then we got to go to lunch with Eric's fam at my Ryan and Amy's.  Ryan smoked a rack of ribs and grilled some chicken.  And oh my was it good.  And for a bit I rested.  I did get Christopher to take a Mom's Only picture of us while we were there.  Here I am, with a couple of my favorite mothers.  

Then the back went, and the kids started making me nuts.  It was time to go.  As you can imagine the kids didn't want to leave.  They never want to leave.  They have way too much fun going over to play at Aunt Amy's.  Meltdowns ensued.  And when we got home again, Miss Prin had left up pooploads galore in her great again, not as much splatter as yesterday, but Eric had to do everything himself, because all I could do was take drugs and sit on the couch.  And there I have lain for the rest of the day. 

 I am Blessed that I have a wonderful husband and kids who will let me just lay down on a Sunday afternoon, even if it is too late for a nap.   And I am Blessed to have family in town that loves me, and wants to spend time with me, and with my sweet family of four.  It's the magic hugs,  the drive by smoochies, and spending time just hanging out with those we love, who also love me, that makes the painful stuff a lot easier to bear.  Thank you to all of you who care for us, care for me.  It means a lot.