Wednesday, May 9, 2012


OK friends, so I didn't publicize this very much.  But I interviewed for a job.  Well, sort of.  Actually, not really an interview as an application submission.  It's a job for a Hendricks County Tourism Blogger.  I know, right?!  Sounds like tons of fun.  SO, I filled out the application, and pointed the powers that be to this blog.

And they liked me!  They really Liked me!

They had over 30 applicants.  They narrowed it down to 12 of us, and are having us do a round 2.
My assignment is to visit someplace fun in Hendricks County and write about it.   I chose the B&O railroad trail.  So I took the boys there, with me for a photo session, since it wasn't raining.  Now I get to write a sample blog, and I have to narrow it down to Just One Picture.

Now I'm nervous. You know me, you know I can't just do one picture.  I have trouble narrowing it down to 5.  Oy.

So, I'd love your input.








Seestor said...

That's great! I vote for #6 or 7, they both have the pan quality of the area, but with the kids showing the human aspect of enjoyment of the area too... We'll talk on the phone later...

Kathleen said...

Only one?!? I vote for #3. It shows the beauty of the trail along with the joy of exploring it. Although I will say that if you can only choose one picture you may want to go with #1 so people get more of an idea of what you're writing about.

Cathy Willman said...

I was thinking the same thing. Eric says I should just choose two.

Rachel said...


Cathy Willman said...

Eric says #3 and #7, and I like 3 and 6. Guess I have to be the tiebreaker. I'm going with 3, and I'll post the article with the picture tomorrow.