Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gone Pickin'


One of my favorite things to do is to go Strawberry picking.  This year, the berries at our favorite u-pick-it place ripened 3-4 weeks early.  Which means....I had Christopher at home so we could go!  Today was Sam's last day of Preschool, and the high was 72 which meant it was a Perfect day for picking!

My Top 10 Pictures from today:

1.  Christopher is very excited to start.  He carries the box.  The last time he went Picking was 2009.   Tragedy.

2.   Look how plentiful the vines, they were like this all over.  They weren't kidding when they said this would be a Peak Week.  

3.  One of my favorites:  A Classic Berry ripe for the picking.  

4.  Christopher ate more than he picked.  Or rather, the significant majority that he picked were eaten.  Either way, he did a great job picking and eating, he was enthusiastic about both! 

5.  Christopher became a Superchamp Berry Picker. 

6.  Look at that haul!  (this was technically my friend Lori's haul, because she was carrying them right past me.  So beautiful.  I can almost smell them.  Oh wait, no, that's just because my whole house smells like strawberries. 

7.  The one picture I didn't take.  Kathleen got me after we were just about ready to call it quits.  OK, our bellies were full, our fingers pink, and my back, just plain Done. 


8.  Apparently, Kathleen had never gone Strawberry picking before, so we talked her into joining us.  She wore the badge of pink fingers with honor.  And look at our haul.  So Nice! 

9.  Christopher does a happy strawberry dance.  Kid cracks me up.  It's hard to see how much strawberry he has dribbling from his chin, but his fingers were Red! 

10.  Dessert after berries?  They had Bluebell Ice Cream in the shop where we went to check out buying our strawberries that we picked.  It's only 1.95/lb that you pick.  A downright bargain.  Until you decide you need ice cream for dessert, or fudge, or other fantabulous presents.  I'm telling you, Stop by Spencer's.  It's worth the drive! 

Now what to do with the majority of a flat making my house smell like berries.  Jam making anyone?