Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Chuckles


My sister and her girls spent the night Friday night. After the kids went down, we sat up drinking wine and watching Buffy.  And it was Good.

Then we got a double bonus.  We got to celebrate my niece Charlie's Second birthday.  So when Charlie woke up, there was a present from the Birthday Pig.  It was a dog book, which always bring her great joy, called, Charlie the Ranch Dog.

Little girl finds a Birthday Pig! 

Charlie loves dog books.  Especially when they are named Charlie too! 

The girls got to have a birthday breakfast with us.  Honey flakey biscuits.  (Honey Butter flavored Grands) They are a staple at our house for holidays.  Any holiday really.  Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day....hint hint subtle subtle.  

And that's why.  Because they are Awesome.  Not even real food, but they are always awesome.  Eric likes them with sausage and cheese.  I like just egg and cheese.  Sam likes cheese. Chris peels off the layers one at a time.  And Charlie likes them on a fork.  

That girl can unhinge her jaw like none other.  And it's so fun.  Having her over for the morning of her birthday was  a great way to celebrate the best Cinco de Mayo present ever.