Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nutty and the Nuthatch


My friends and I were sitting around the table the other night, yucking it up, and staring at my friends' birdfeeder, trying to identify the pretty little one with a red head.  All I knew was it wasn't a cardinal.  Majority rules Purple Finch.  Anyway, during our copious amounts of giggling and laughter, it came out, that we all thought Old people watch birds.  One friend laughs, and says her Dad even takes pictures of them.  Oh no!  Oh Yes!  That's how old and fuddy duddy I am.  

I have joined (and surpassed) the ranks of my parents, as not only do I have fun bird watching, but I'm out there taking pictures.  And Loving it! And I don't even have a birdfeeder.  May be time for one. :)

Why not?  I have an awesome camera, and it's a fun challenge to snap something so amazing as a bird hunting for bugs in the tree.  I spotted this guy when he was at my eye level, not 3 feet away circling around the tree trunk.  I am kind of loving living in the woods now, we get a whole lot more variety of wildlife.  Sometimes that's good, sometimes bad.  I feel like I am running for the camera all the time.  Of course, by the time I dashed inside for my camera, this little fella had moved up the tree.  But I still got a couple neat pictures.  I just cropped them some.  

Then he got so high up, I got a crick in my neck for looking up so high, following him.  

I've found a new website,, where I can enter some qualities of a bird I see, or snap, and  it gives me ideas as to what the bird might be.  

This one, I think is a White Breasted Nuthatch. 


Unknown said...

That is really neat.