Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Berry Wonderful Treat


Something old. Something new.  Today I got to try something new, making a strawberry pie.  My friend Elizabeth made this Fresh Strawberry Pie last year, and she and our friends were going gaga over it.  So, when I found myself with many a strawberry from the pickings this week, I wanted to make this pie.

Eric always loves anything fruit, and I love to bake, but I'd never made my own pie crust.  I know, I know.  What kind of domestic goddess doesn't know how to make a pie crust.  Um, me.  Still really don't either.  This one got lucky that it turned out tasty in that it's hard to ruin Nilla Wafers, sugar, and butter.

But I lost a battle with the Magic Bullet, and my cookies didn't crumble.  So they were a little unevenly broken.  Still looked good, and tasted even better.  I was so excited that for once I had all the ingredients for a recipe on hand.  (Except cool whip, and I ran out for that before dessert time.)

Sam, who was feverish this morning, but with no sign of pukies since gagging at 7 a.m. yesterday, was very interested in my strawberry stash.  He really wanted to help.  

But all he helped with was picking out the ones that he ended up eating.  So he had 4 strawberries and didn't get sick.  No strawberries were actually touched by cootie fingers in the making of this blog entry.  

I love the smell of boiling sugary strawberry goodness.  

This was my favorite picture, putting the ooey gooey strawberry glaze over a bed of fresh berries.  Oy.  The recipe tells you to sift out the pulp, but my friends said they didn't bother, I love strawberries, so neither did I

The Final Product.

After we got home, we pulled out a slice or two for the sampling.  It was so good.  So fresh tasting. Nice sweet berries.  All the goodness that a Fresh Strawberry Pie should be.  So if these pics call to you, go out and get you some strawberries, because Dang, it's a Good time for picking...and Eating right now!