Monday, May 7, 2012

Fancy Day


Friday was a busy day.  We had company over, a total of 4 three year olds running rampant through the house in the morning.  We threw them outside.  Sam had a great time, so did everyone else, playing in the water table. Ah yes, getting good and soaking wet.

The handsomest Pirate!

Do you know this flower?

Yes, just simple clover.  But close up they are so pretty. 

Bonus flowers - I didn't realize I planted some Japanese irises, and they are now blooming.  Amazing coloration.

In the evening, Christopher had his Dance Recital, I'll elaborate later on his own blog, but when I saw him dressed up in his costume, I cried.  He was so handsome I couldn't stand it.  

Aunt Lisa and the girls came down to visit, and we got a sitter to watch all the littles so that the grownups could go watch uninterrupted.  Eric's parents met us there.  We took over half a row, and the crowd was insane, it was more crazy than when a Broadway show comes to town.  As it should be.
My sister will likely kill me for posting this picture.
We were playing around, gabbing before the start of the show, and Lisa started pulling really random stuff out of her purse.  For comparison, I pulled out a gold dabloon from DisneyWorld out of my camera bag.   Nutbar put it on her head.

But most of the laughs stopped when the kids took to the stage.  I'm pretty sure I cried during Every song. It was either as soon as the kids took to the stage, or about 2/3 the way through the number.  And when Chris took the stage.....

I cried through the whole thing.  He was so wonderful.  We'd spent most of the semester watching him goof around, and all of a sudden, he hit that stage, and got serious.  And he did a Wonderful Job.  I was so Proud of him.  

My Solid Gold Dancer recieves his flowers.  You can't go to a Dance recital and not give a dancer flowers.  And he did such a great job, he got a Balloon with it.  A Balloon on a stick even!

To really celebrate, we took Mr. Fancy to Steak-n-Shake.  It reminded me of the old days when we had concerts, friends or family in concerts, and afterwards we'd hit Steak-n-Shake because that was the only place open.  And well, everyone needs a milk shake to celebrate sometimes.  I was so Proud.  I don't think I stopped tearing up just looking at him all evening. Little Heartbreaker.