Thursday, May 31, 2012

Being Free to Travel


Sunday night the boys were showing signs of being better, so we visited the park.  I was particularly thankful that they were feeling well, because I really wanted to cross one more item off our first two weeks of Summer to do list.  I wanted to go visit my friend Amy who is expecting sweet baby #4.

She'll probably shoot me for posting this picture of her.  But I think she looks great, considering what this little has been putting her body through.  She's on Bedrest, and has to spend all her time with her feet up, or her body takes Revenge.  It's been impossibly hard, I can't even imagine.  But only 3 more weeks.  I was pretty excited to be able to give her the baby blanket I made for little Aiden.  Looks like it fits just right, doesn't it?

The kids had been missing each other something fiercely, asking us all the time to go visit.  It's been a rough adjustment for all of us going from seeing our friends weekly, or more than weekly, to maybe once every three months.  But the weather was cooperating, and it was a great day for the kids to break out into the pool.  The air was significantly warmer than the water, so the kids were in and out again and again, but it gave the grownups some chance to talk.  

Then the kids figured, while they were changing clothes....

And fun was had by all.  After lunch, the boys started getting a little antsy, and I knew we'd have to leave soon.  But I also knew Eric wanted to see the Camp that wooed our friends away, and that he rest of us have been drooling, and can't wait until the kids are old enough to send to camp.  Well, technically Chris is old enough to do Day Camp, but we'd have to carpool or invade our friends for a week, and neither of those is feasible right now.  
So, before we left, I made sure the boys (plus Shay) went over to the camp to take a look around.  Ben gave Eric a really great tour, and I sat behind, and sent him with my camera.  

So I did not take the rest of these pictures - disclaimer required. 

Ben showed the boys a special view of the Tippecanoe river.  

The kids riding "Bucky".  Adorableness. 

Now I haven't been into this nature center where they hold Day Camp, but the kids got a kick out all the stuff they could check out.  

They played on the Day Camp playground too.  I think Chris would have so much fun here. 

Ben even brought out Skya, the mascot goat, who is very child friendly, but my children would have nothing to do with her.  This was as close as Christopher dared get.  

Still, for a couple of City kids like mine, or like me, getting out in the woods, and just playing freely, and even meeting a nice goat is a big change.  Combine with some Quality Time with friends, and it makes for an Excellent day.

And this was Memorial Day, and the gift of being Free enough to travel, and go to whatever woods I want to walk in was fought, bought and paid for me.  And I'm so Grateful for that.  Those soldiers are in my heart and mind, all the time, not just on Memorial Day.  But I did mess around with this picture of my brother in law, who is always on my prayer list, but especially right now as we wait for him to come back from Afghanistan.