Monday, May 14, 2012

Pensive Prin


Thought I would write a bit about how Princess is doing.  She's adjusting.  She had diarrhea this weekend in her crate.  While we were gone this weekend.  Twice.  It made for a couple of rough days.  I think she hasn't been feeling 100%.   There was evidence in the yard, that she may have been in some intestinal distress.  I thought it may have been intentional, and that may have to lead to us giving her back.  She was supposed to be crate trained, but she does Not behave as such.  She pulls and yanks, and hurts me.  And my back is recovering today, doing a lot better than yesterday, but I'm still going to stay in, maybe hit the chiro's office.  And if I do leave the house, we're going to try some new things today, breaking out the pet carrier to put her in when we leave instead of the spacious cage.  Maybe she'll hold it if the crate is smaller, and also the bottom will be easier to clean out.   We'll see how it goes.  

Eric came up with her formal name:  Princess Skitchypants von Poopypaws.  Prin for short.

Fitting.  That pretty much sums up her personality.  She loves watching birds and butterflies, and hates having her picture taken, and is still scared of Eric.   We wonder what she's thinking.  Since we don't know why she's scared, or what she's thinking, we're just going to keep loving her.  That's a good strategy, right? 
This morning, we went out for a walk, she wouldn't go for me.  She was loving bird watching, and watching and listening for any other noise she could hear, but not going potty.  She takes like 20 minutes of prancy dancing before she pees.  Fina was like 30 seconds in and out.  Miss Prin was snuffling about in the grass, getting dew droplets all over her nose, and the sun hitting her pretty brindle highlights just right, and as crazy as she makes me, she was/is Beautiful! 

She's got such a pretty face.  And though she's not the smartest, most obedient wee beastie, she's still a sweetie.  She loves the kids.  We've had to recruit the kids to help out with her.  Christopher is getting really good at leashing her up and taking her for a walk.  Or rather a run.  It's pretty adorable, he runs full out, and she just trots like a pony.  Maybe there's some greyhound in there.  I don't know.  Meanwhile, her job is to Love and be Loved.  And we'll keep working on the rest.