Monday, May 7, 2012

Wearing something pretty


I started this other group this month - Photo a Day for May. Each day I have an assignment of something to photograph.  I thought having 'homework' might help bring me out of my Funk.  I'm really trying here.  Some days I really like Progress has been made if I've gotten out of bed, bathed, and gotten dressed.  Let alone if I'm able to get the kids off to school, taken Sam somewhere, and kept them alive all day.  So, when I can find a little Joy, I've been running with it.

So Thursday, my assignment was Something I'm wearing.  Well, Thursday was a nice day.  The weather was gorgeous, in the 80s, sun shining brightly, and my sister-in-law and I were going to meet for Drinks at Starbucks.  So I put on a little girly jewelry, some Premier Designs Secret Garden necklace and bracelet I picked up when a friend of mine was selling them last year.

While we are Starbucks, Sam wanted to put them on. He was surprisingly careful.

And looked downright nice.  

Sometimes, simply putting on something pretty can make you feel pretty even when everything else makes you feel less than pretty.  And putting pretties on a silly little sweetboy can bring even more Joy.