Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sam's Turn


Friday, Sam finally felt better.  After both of them running into the bedroom to me, Christopher comes tearing into the bathroom, "Daddy! Great news! Sam's all better!" Then  Sam comes along following, "Daddy! Grape news! Brunna (brother) is all better!"

Eric left for work, and not 10 minutes had passed when they wanted to go for a swim.  Especially Sam, who had cried the largest tears and had the worst, most pitiful tantrum Ever while brother swam on Thursday, and he didn't.  So, I let them.  I broke out the new suit I picked up for Chris, with shirt, and let them out.  I know it was 70 degrees and that's warm, but the water was still a bit chilly for my blood.  

Cold doesn't stop Sam. He was having  a wonderful time.  

They didn't come out until I made them come out, because Sam was Blue.  Then they weren't very happy that I made them come out.  

Why is it children are utterly unphased by being cold when they are wet?  They don't care that they are blue.  They don't care that they are cold until they are in the house and their wet clothes are freezing to their already frozen skin, and they Won't just TAKE THEM OFF.  Ugh.  Crazy kids today.  Well, luckily, I used my logic on them, well, we'll go back out again when our suits are dry.  They didn't get dry, because they got rained on instead, as the humidity hit 99.9%.  There weren't any clouds, it was just so humid that rain just spontaneously appears.  That was Friday.  Something leads me to believe that the kids are going to swim a lot this summer, and they aren't going to care if they are putting on cold wet suits, or freezing frozen blue.  They are going to Love swimming this summer.