Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hoppy Brootday to Me!

My birthday morning:  My boys come marching in, Good Morning Birthday Girl says Eric.  Good morning, Birthday Mommy, chimes Christopher. 

My boys spoiled me.  They made me breakfast, gave me presents.  Eric gave me a beautiful swimsuit from  And he finally got the hot water working on the master bathtub - Surprise!  The boys got me a Superman t-shirt, for their Supermom.  And Christopher insisted that I needed these awesome knee socks.  They have capes.  I mean, that's it, right there.  Super Socks with Capes. 

Chris took this picture of me, modeling my new Supergarb.  Funny thing that he picked this out for me, because I decided yesterday that this birthday I was going to kick it up, take back my health.  I've been in an angry, depressed Funk.  Suddenly, talking to my sister, she tells me she should get out and exercise, she'd feel better. 


Why I hadn't thought of it before?  My Funk, maybe part of it anyway, maybe it's coming from the Not Exercising.  So, for my birthday, Kathleen and I decided to run again. 
Not just run. 
Take back our health.  
No more of this 'running' at the pace of old walking grandmas.  We're going to Run.  We're going to start the whole C25K thing all over again.  This time, we're focusing on Speed and Form.  We're going to be runner girls!  
So we did.  We did Week 1, Day 1.  And we Boosted.  We Ran.  Ran hard. Got sweaty, red faced, sore.  

As it should be.  

And since I was getting to do all the things I like to do.  I took a few pictures of flowers. First the rather invasive Dame's Rocket plant in Kathleen's yard.  

My new favorite cool drink:  Java Chip Frappacino (this time decaf) with peppermint and vanilla bean powder.  It's so Yummy, tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  

Ahh, it's Purple Salvia season too! 

I just love this rather brilliant shade of purple. 

Even prettier when there are sweetgirls and a sweetboy poking around the flowers. 

Sam and his girlfriends say Happy Birthday to me!  

 Ooo...another pretty purple flower.  This time I think it's a Chinese Iris.  

Whatever kind of flowers they are, they are pretty nifty! 



We played at Kathleen's, with girls.  Frankly, my day felt pretty complete by noon. I had RUN, had Starbucks, been blessed to have a quick lunch with friends, and gone home to rest.  I didn't get a nap, but I laid down for a little bit. 
I didn't need much rest midday because I was feeling good.  Maybe that run helped.  So for dinner, we all went to Monical's for crack cheese bread.  I got a lovely basket of bread just for me. ;) 
Then we crossed the street and took the yahoos to Coldstone Creamery.  

I tried the pistachio with caramel and almonds.  It was really good.  But the ambience was crazy noisy for me.  So we packed up most of our ice keems as Sam calls them, and took them home.  

To finish off the day, we sat around watching a family movie, and episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender.  
It really is the little things that bring great joy.  As much of a wonderful day as it was, I think the high points were when we were all home together. That's what I wanted most of all for my birthday, just to hang out with my family for a while.  I was blessed to spend my day with my friends and my family, and that was Just as we all needed. 


Unknown said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I'm glad you had a Happy Birthday! I'm in a funk too, maybe I need to start up again.