Saturday, May 12, 2012

Family Trip to the Zoo


Just a Sweet little Top Ten from our family trip to the zoo earlier today, kind of  a neat little early Mother's Day present for me. 1. Sweetboys by the water fountain.

2.  The boys count some turtles on the log.

3.  Lookie what we found, a little turtle and a baby duckling.  

4.  We thought that turtle was little until we found some tiny teensy baby turtles. 

5.  Pretty little 'desert flower'. OK, it was near the desert section.  I believe it's called a Blanket flower. 

6.  Happy Mother's Day to me! 

7.  Dueling water lilies. 

8.  It's a wonderfully rare thing for us all four to go to the zoo together.  The last time we all made it together was Christmas, and of course, that's no time be to taking pictures in the gardens.  

9.  Sweetboys by roses and other little things in bloom.  

10.  I have a picture of the boys from back this spring, walking through the gardens,, just like this.   

The End.  The end of a Beautiful day.