Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cold Swim


It rained Monday night, and while that is Wonderful for my plants, it was not so wonderful for my Plans to go swimming with Aunt Amy on Tuesday.  They are skipping town for a month, and it's going to be a long time before we see them again, we thought we'd get in a swim at their place, since it will be a while before we can play there again.  But the rain made it cold.  I was disinclined to follow through with our plans to go swimming.  But the boys disagreed.  Strongly.

I thought they would get distracted by the toys.  And they were, for a while.  But then, they glanced out the window and wanted to go swimming again.

Sam and Amy's kitty Artie are hypnotized by Chris and the RC Eva toy that he was zipping around the kitchen.  

I'd forgotten how much I love kitties.  Artie is sweet and playful, and she reminds me of the things I missed never having a kitten.  Both our cats were older when we got them, but still sweet.  I miss having a cat.  

We did end up going swimming.  It was chilly, but we managed to confine the kids in the baby pool, and Aunt Amy brought all kinds of fun goodies to play with.  They boys had a wonderful time, and played until they turned blue.  Considered a Mission Accomplished.