Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Joy in a Hammock


Apparently, when all my boys decided they were going to get me a hammock for Mother's Day, Chris didn't know what a hammock was.  So Daddy explained it as, "A net that stretches from tree to tree so Mommy can lay down and snuggle with sweetboys outside."  So yesterday, when the screaming was getting to me, I stepped outside, and went straight for my hammock.  I was followed shortly by two sweetboys in their church shoes.  Because that's what they found first.  
Chris comes up and says, "Mommy do you like your net from tree to tree, for snuggling with Sweetboys?"
Yes, yes I do.  And they climbed in and let me stick a half a leg out so we could rock.  Not the easiest self portrait, but certainly the snuggliest.  
And Christopher has decided that for his birthday, in December, he wants a hammock too, and he showed me pointing to two trees behind me, exactly where he wants to put it.  We'll see.