Sunday, May 20, 2012

I know a Sleepy Boy


I know, he is going to hate me for posting pictures of him on the potty on the internet.  True.  But we discussed this afternoon, after his (very necesary) nap, that he needed to start his flush.  He wanted to start it after our Money Class (FPU) instead.  He seemed so reasonable, I agreed.  I know, SUCKER.  
We didn't get home until 8, and he wanted a 'snack'.  A full peanut butter and banana sandwich later, he finally gets started.  He was griping, and in a terrible mood.  He kept asking us to keep him company, then telling us what to do.  It wasn't going well.  Then my brother in law caught me online, and I began having a great chat about the wonder that is the army's waffle maker.  Chris kept interrupting, saying Mommy I'm Tired. Mommy Come Here. I want Company.  Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!  
He'd had all of us in and out.  But we knew he'd be done soon, so I tuned out, enough of the yelling. Then his timer goes off, and he doesn't say a word (usually there's a big countdown) and he was quiet.  Most unusual.  


This was why. 

And THIS is why we don't start flushes at 8:30 in the evening.  We felt terrible to have to wake him up, to get him ready for bed.  But we couldn't leave him like this, adorable as it is.  Got to tell you, I love this picture much more than the picture we got of him sleeping on the toilet in the hospital.  This one doesn't make me ill to see.  This one makes me smile.  He's so beautiful when he sleeps.