Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wordy Wednesday Top Ten


Since the weather had cooled off, it looked like it Wednesday was going to be a perfect day to go to the Zoo.  So the boys and I packed up, attended our prayer group, and headed from there downtown to spend a couple hours communing with the animals.  Everybody had their requests of favorite animals that they wanted to see, Sam likes tigers and elephants, Chris wanted Lions and Cheetahs, and I voted for the new bird exhibit they had just opened up.  Continually, I tried to get great pictures of the kids and the animals, but neither was very cooperative.
However, here's a Top Ten of our favorite photos from our trip downtown.

1.   Chris finds Joy in fresh blueberries.

2.  Chris checking out the baby giraffe.  They both are a lot bigger this year. 

3. Sam checking out the zebras.  Usually they are further away, so this was a neat opportunity to see them. 

4.  Both boys couldn't wait to see the rhinos.  But really, their favorite part is jumping on the Rhino bridge.  

5.  We found the Flights of Fancy exhibit.  They've moved the flamingos to the entrance.  They seemed pretty happy there.  

6.    So we went into the Parakeet house.  Sam was enthralled with all the little birdies.  

7.  Pretty little budgie. 

8.  Then we went into the Lorikeet room.  They were bigger and didn't make as much noise.  They seemed pretty interested in us.  

9.  Christopher was actually scared of the birds, he wanted to get close, but he'd venture close, then come running back to my leg.  

10.  This little fella was smack talking us as we were leaving the lorikeet room.  Bye Bye to you too!