Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking the lions to Lions Park


Hurrah! Hurrah!  
Chris was feeling better today.  Still a little whiny and clingy, but no sign of fever.  He informed me he wanted to go to the park.  Tonight also marked the first night in a while that we haven't had our Financial Peace class.  Not that I'm glad it's over, but I'm kind of glad it's over in that we have our Sunday evenings back.  It was refreshing to let the boys nap as long as they wanted, then go to the park.  An evening of leisure.  

This was the only lion we could find at Lions' Park, a semi-working water fountain.  The boys loved it, and kept trying to tap the water out of it.  

The boys have never been to this park, the first time was Tuesday, as a celebration for Sam's end of the school year.  Only Sam got sick, so we had to cut out early.  Chris had the mother of all meltdowns on the way home, and he made me promise we'd come back.  He picked Sunday.  I don't know why, but I was kind of happy that his demeanor perked back up today, so that we could come.  Even it was just for a brief bit.   We didn't think it would go too well, as it was obnoxiously hot today, in the 90s, and it was still 90 when we went to the park.  Blessedly, though, this park was well shaded.

The boys have become quite the climbers.  Christopher made it all the way across this stegasaurus in his Flip Flops!  Impressive.  Sam wimped out about halfway, at the tallest point, of course, he started calling for Daddy.  Just gotta get over that fear of heights thing.  Then again, if it's an unstable precarious height, I'm not going to work too hard and making sure he's fine.  I just want to make sure he isn't afraid of escalators and clear staircases like some other people we know.  

I just thought this tree was cute. 

Sweetboy at sunset.  I love how the sun just caught his eyes.  If I wasn't so exhausted, I'd play around with some of these pictures, crop them down so Sam and his pretty hazel eyes would look extra amazing, but these are all straight off the camera. And I'm too tired. 

The boys were being really sweet playing on the Teeter Totter, or See-Saw as some folks call it.  We tried to get them on the same thing at the same time, but that only lasted about two seconds.  This pic was snapped by Eric, as I was on arm exercising duty, pushing the boys other halves down.  It was quite a little workout.  But that's good, right?! Right. 

I just liked looking at him from this angle, so I snapped it. Turned out pretty neat I thought. 

After we gave them the countdown for the last 5 minutes, we said Last Slide, and they wanted Daddy to hop on too. So here they are:

All My Crazy Boys