Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Special Visitor


I have been debating if we were ready or not.  But my heart is lonely.  I miss snuggling with my Fina. I miss her tippity toes tapping around the house.  I miss her gentle snore.

So, Eric and I started looking on  at dogs.  There were so many that needed a good home, so we picked a few criteria to help narrow things down.  Eric figured we needed a female, so that I wouldn't be the only girl in the house.  And then I wanted someone who was already potty trained, err, house trained, since we just built the new house, and I've been cleaning up plenty of pee and poo.

I read this Biography, and kind of fell in love.  Her sweet face.  The fact she like to Snuggle.  She sounded like just the love bug I was looking for, she had just had  bumpy start.

So we invited her over for a visit.

She was very scared of us.  

I can see why.  My boys were So Excited.  So excited, they made her pee.  And she shook a lot.  She was nervous.  So we broke out some snacks.  And the boys fed her out of their hands.  She was so intrigued.  At first she was really nervous, then she came up to the boys willingly.  She was such a sweetheart, she didn't snap at them.  

And she liked me.  She kept coming over to me for snuggles.  This pic was taken by Christopher of me getting to know her.  She'd get nervous when we stood up, so I'd sit and let her come over to me.  She's fairly submissive, and doesn't seem to be agressive.  At one point, the boys each wanted to hold her leash.  They started fighting over it.  And yet, she didn't bark at them, or freak out.  She didn't do anything, she just watched them puzzled.  Heck, I do that all the time.  And when Eric disciplined them, she just listened.  I just watched her.  That's when I knew.  I wanted this dog.  

The boys took her out back to 'play'.  Apparently she likes to catch.  Only she didn't really like the little blue rubber ball we offered her.  Apparently, she's a little princess, and only likes Tennis balls.   She's so pretty, mostly black, with brindle highlights.  I swear people would pay for hair color like that.  She has only a smidge of white.   A little bit on her chest, and her toes.  It's kind of funny, she has pretty little princess toes, only the back toe tips are white.  

Her temperament is very mellow.  The boys really liked her.  Christopher was starting to cry because we told him she was not spending the night.  We were just meeting her today.  We had to have a family vote.  
Though before we even voted, we could tell how the voting was going to go.  

So we had our Family Meeting.  It consisted of all of us sitting on the floor. I asked, Who wants Princess to come live with us?  Everyone raised their hands without the slightest hesitation.  

That was Easy.  She'll be moving in this coming week.  


Elizabeth said...

Oh WOW! So exciting!!! I'm so happy for you!

Unknown said...

That's so exciting! I can't wait to meet her.