Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gone Swimmin'


Sam woke up sick yesterday, feverish and puking in the night.  So it was a stay at home and do nothing sort of day.  Well, Sam was so tired after doing nothing, he napped for 3 hours.  So Christopher and I tested out the swimming pool.  Swimming  pool? You ask.  Oh yes.  For my birthday, my mother in law gave me this great beast of an inflatable pool, and Tuesday night, Eric put it together.  And Christopher couldn't wait to don all necessary garb to test it out.  

I put on my birthday swimsuit (not to be confused with birthday suit) and hopped in.  Dude, it was Cold!  Refreshing, but COLD!  Maybe it will warm up more when the weather gets a little warmer.  

But cold water wasn't about to stop Christopher.  

He had a wonderful time in the pool, I pulled him out when he was shaking and blue, after about 1/2 hour.  But after his flush and dinner, his suit wasn't even fully dry yet, he wanted to go back out for more.  

So this time, Daddy got to test it out.  

Daddy thought it was really Cold too.  

Love these goofy boys.  Meanwhile, I had to fend off the mother of all meltdowns because Sam wasn't allowed outside.  So he made me watch Little Einsteins and pat along.  But at least I wasn't blue when I came inside.  Hope Sam gets well soon, because we are going to have a Great summer in this pool!