Friday, October 8, 2010

Almost on the Market


We met with our Realtor this evening. We signed a boatload of paperwork, by the end of which had me yawning beyond understanding. I did actually ask Eric at one point, "Did you get that, because I have no idea what he just meant?"
Luckily, he did.

I'm pretty lucky to have him around. ;)

I've been nervous about this whole process, afraid we're taking on too much. And after meeting with Dave, our realtor, I'm feeling a bit better about putting the house up on the market. I'm praying for just the right family to come who will appreciate our home, take care of it, as it has taken good care of us. I'd hate to drive by sometime in the near future and see somebody who negected the yard and the let the whole place go to pot. It makes me sad to think about it, so I'm going to not dwell on it. I like to think of some couple coming in, who'll see our little pond, see a heron there, and fall in love with it. Or some couple expecting a baby, who delight in our nursery. Or maybe some nice Grandparents, who's grandkids come visit them often, there's so many kids around to play with. How Blessed we've been to have lived and started our family in this cozy neighborhood, and to find such abundant blessings in our new one.


SuperSillyAunt said...

Yes, let's hope and pray your first home does not end up like ours. I'm pretty sure it's empty...but I don't feel safe enough in that neighborhood for a drive by even!