Sunday, October 24, 2010

Far Friends


After naps on Friday, (which came late, which made us later for the evening festivities), we drove North, almost an hour, to visit with some Butler friends Alicia and Suellen, and Krysten (and Adam), and their little ones, Parker and Sadie. We met them for supper at Red Robin. Being that it was on the late side, and we had some sleep deprivation going on, the girls were being extra adorable.
Sadie was feeding herself macaroni and cheese, and she started washing her cheesey hands and face with more cheese. It was absolutely hysterical. Parker just didn't know what to do with this madness, it was so Funny!

After dinner, we went back to Suellen's and let the kids just play. They were having fun, but not always with the sharing. They tried, and we laughed, because they were just so darn funny.

We had some dessert, cupcakes, or cakecake as Sam calls them. But neither boy at much, both just wanted to dip their festive Halloween toppers in the icing. I just love how this one of Chris turned out. He's so dreamy!

I'm not sure how it happened, but before we knew it it was 10 o'clock! And the kids were still up, and pretty crazy. I knew they were tired when we tried to pose them, but I hadn't realized just how late it was.

I was pretty impressed they held out for as long as they did. They didn't get in their own beds until 11. Amazing!