Sunday, October 24, 2010

Playdate Friday

What a great fall day to play. In the morning we had our MOPS meeting, with other friends also on Fall Break, and we had the added bonus of our friend Emilie coming over to play for a bit before and after. We were able to give her a house tour. Chris was extra excited to show her his new room, but I think the kids may be bummed when they won't be able to walk through the walls anymore.

It was a little chilly, so Sam borrowed Emilie's sweater for his regular run on the porch.

Tell you something the boys love about our new house and lot. Leaves. Yup, we've got PILES of leaves, and we don't even have to rake to create them. I know eventually that they will annoy the snot out of me, but this week, this week I love boys traipsing in fall leaves.

After the festivities with Emilie, our friends Max and Nancy came over to play. After lunch together, we decided that we needed to go visit the new house. But first the boys had to go potty. Together.

And all were so cute they just needed to be tickled. Often.

Off to the house, where boys can be boys, and throw clots of dirt at eachother.