Monday, October 25, 2010

Windows of Love


On Friday, I was giving house tours, and after some comments, I began to contemplate how dark the master closets are. There weren't any windows. I mean, who thinks to put windows in their closets? Not us. We weren't even sure how much area there was going to be once the slope of the garage roof was in. We figured we'd just call whatever we got closet. Maybe we'd have two sides, his and hers. But when it was built, it was Big. Huge. So Eric made the comment that he thought we could fit our stuff in one closet and the other one could be exclusively my crafts. A Craft Room?! You know I jumped on that one.

Remember last weekend, when Eric built me a kitchen window? Yeah. That was sweet.

Well, I asked him if it was possible to build closet windows, just teeny little ones, before the brickers got that far? He said Maybe.

Apparently Saturday, Eric went shopping and found windows. Little ones. Just right to fit between the studs.

Sunday afternoon, Mom W. and I popped by to find Dad and Eric had cut holes in the walls.

Peek a boo!

And by the time we returned home from a baby shower I had windows. In my closet.

My sweet husband gave me windows for our anniversary, our dating anniversary. 16 years ago he asked me out, and I said yes. Smartest thing I ever did was say Yes. He loves me, so much he gave me windows.

I love you too!