Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yes have Some


Yesterday, I had to Thank God for the rain. Eric was planning on working on the lot, but instead we were hit by a day's rain. Instead, we hung out at home, eating meals together and worked on packing up the house for getting it on the Market.
And we got an opportunity.

A Date Night!

A girlfriend of mine lives down south and brought to our attention to the Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin, a classic movie theatre, which just happened to be showing one of my favorite movies, GHOSTBUSTERS, This Weekend.
I wanted to go. So bad I thought I'd go and take the boys. Then Eric was available, so we called Mom and Dad to see if we could do a date night. She said, Oh you'll be back so late, we should just keep them all night. Um...OK.

"Dogs and Cats, Living Together...Mass Hysteria"

Oh yeah, we were out of there, and had a nice dately dinner at Don Pablo's...where I didn't have to share with any child. And it was so chilly when we got to Franklin, that we stopped off on the square for little latte for me and a mocha for Daddy. Dates, drinks, and a Movie. AWESOME!

It's Me and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man as we wait for the movie to start.

Don't worry. "Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back."

As for the show. Awesome. I think Ghostbusters was probably the last movie we went to with both my parents. And it's So Much better on the big screen, and you could tell by the laughs, some folks didn't know it by heart like we did. I'd forgotten how much I loved this movie. But it was even more Super seeing it at this classic theatre. They had prize drawings, a cartoon, and even a 30 second interpretation of the movie, starring the guys you see above. It was Super Cool. I'd do it again in a red hot minute.

Toss in there I got 9 hours of sleep only interrupted by my own bladder and it was an Awesome Datenight!

They're showing "A Christmas Story" in December....hmmmm....