Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mommy's Little Bulldogs

Beautiful day for a picnic at Butler.

We met the Julius girls for a picnic down in the gazebo in Holcomb Gardens.

They brought bubbles, and the boys giggled so much they dumped bubble sauce all over themselves.

We took a walk over to the carillon, and Mommy made the boys sit on the same steps that some 16 years ago, Daddy and Mommy were running up and down being crazy college kids. Turns out Chris and Sam are quite speedy on those stairs.

But together they were barely content to sit.

Sure, they look all sweet and brotherly, but really they're screaming their heads off at each other. Still, they look pretty. ;)

And together they agreed the Broadripple Canal ducks are very cool to watch.

There's something special about the Butler campus, as soon as I drove up, I was calm and happy. I need to go there more often. So many happy memories. Fall is my favorite Butler season!


Carla S said...

I miss all the lovely fall colors that you guys get up there. Enjoy the crisp autumn. I suffer in 85 degree heat still. :(

Cathy said...

Oh but it was 85 last weekend easy, yesterday was only in the 70s. I put the boys in pants in the morning, but it was short weather by afternoon!