Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting out in the Fall


These are the days I think of when I think of Fall. Our church got a load of pumpkins in yesterday, and they set them up in the frontyard. They weren't selling them yet, but the boys and I couldn't resist the opportunity to run through them after church this morning. Not exactly the photo session of my dreams, but there's something happy and calming about children running through a sea of pumpkins.

Chris was doing a great pirate imitation as I tried to make him look into the sun. Arrr.

Then I tried to sit the boys down on a pumpkin. Chris looked like he was going to fall over, so he was freaking out.

Sam was very puzzled by any broken pumpkin. I'm not sure if he pulled the stem off this one or if it was broken before he got to it. But he lifted it up, and tried to lick it, and when I stopped him, he stuck his hand underneath, which hopefully was just wet with water, and not any other pumpkin mystery liquid. Ew. But whether water or goo, he wasn't a fan.

After naptime, we discovered our neighborhood was doing a Tailgate block party. So we threw the kids in the wagon and started to head down the street.

Chris decided it was better if he led the way. And so he did.

More fall happiness, boys in hoodies. ;)